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59 € с купон за AZDOME M27 DVR за кола 2K FHD 1440P Dash Cam – BANGGOOD

САМО 59 € with our EXCLUSIVE COUPON for AZDOME M27 Car DVR 2K FHD 1440P Dash Cam Built-in GPS WIFI 3inch IPS Screen Car Recorders Parking Monitor G-Sensor Loop Record – BANGGOOD

59 € с купон за AZDOME M27 DVR за кола 2K FHD 1440P Dash Cam - BANGGOOD
AZDOME M27 Автомобилен DVR 2K FHD 1440P Dash Cam Вграден GPS WIFI 3 инча IPS екран Автомобилни рекордери Монитор за паркиране G-сензор Loop Record
59 € 91 €
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1.2K 1440P Resolution

The M27 dash cam with 1440P/30FPS video recording captures fast-moving scenes and creates high-resolution footage at high speed, can show more delicate image details, and display more smoothly.

2.Clear Image by Aperture F1.8 6-Glass Wide Angle Lens

Adopt 6G all-glass plus IR filter lens, 1/2.9″ high sensitivity CMOS sensor, and noise reduction processor to promote image processing ability for a brighter and clearer image. Innovative H.264 image processing Lowering the system load to ensure technology provides the most fluent high-definition video.

3.WiFi with App Control

You can view or download the videos to your smartphone through the dash cam’s Wifi and AZDOME app. No need to take out the TF card to check on the computer.

By the way, it cannot be connected to the Internet by wifi, but only supports about 9fts for you to connect to your phone.

4.GPS Track Driving Route

GPS will record the driving route, including the information of position, speed, Longitude, and latitude, which also can be shown on the video along with the date and time stamp.

5.Parking Mode: 24H Protection for Your Car

In the parking state, the cam will automatically record whenever it detects car vibration to protect your legal rights.


For safety, all dashcams only come with a small battery, so we recommend that you use a hardwired cable to connect the dashcam to the car battery. Especially when the car is parked, the dash cam can continue to work to protect it.

6.G-Sensor: Accident Auto Detection

When the built-in G-sensor detects a sudden shake/collision, the current video will be automatically locked to prevent it from being overwritten. The accident scene can be truly restored.



-Power: Cigar Lighter Socket 5V/1.5A

-Display: 3inch IPS LCD 16:9/640*360

-Built-in GPS

-Built-in WIFI

-Battery: 1mAh

-Video Resolution: 2K (2560×1440 @30FPS) / 1296P (2304×1296 @30FPS) / FHD (1920×1080 @30FPS)

-G-sensor: Triaxial Acceleration Sensor;

-Storage: TF (Micro SD) card, 32~128GB, Class 10 or upper is recommended, not included

-Parking Monitor: Support



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